For Revenue Cycle

The Turquoise platform runs a database of millions of hospital rates, chargemaster lines and a full Medicare pricing suite. Use our data to your advantage.

Turquoise Pricing API

Bring cost-conscious decision making to the forefront of revenue cycle. Whether you want your EHR to see lowest cost in-network rates at time of referral, or you want to compare your reimbursement to Medicare, our API is for you.

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Medicare Batch Pricing Engine

Our medicare batch pricing service is perfect for law firms and TPAs that need to price 837 data in batch, but don’t have access to a built-in pricer. We price all prospective payments with no wait time.

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Hospital Rates Data Platform

Empower your team with one of the biggest data sets of cleaned up, structured hospital rate data. With thousands of hospitals and millions of rates, there's no end to the possibilities.

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