Custom software tools for rate insights.

Using our Clear Rates Data we’ve created tools to analyze rates, compare cohorts, explore by market, and much more.


Nationwide rates.

Explore hospital and payer rates from across the country sourced from our Clear Rates Data database.

Market intel.

Having the capability to identify rate disparities by market is extremely valuable, for businesses and patients.

Self-service tools.

Our analytics tools are designed so that you can query, generate, analyze, and export anything you need on your own.

Analytics overview.

Improve the value you get out of Clear Rates Data by using our suite of analytics tools.

Competitive intel to stay ahead of the industry.

Using our massive rates database we have created custom solutions to query, refine, and analyze rates data.

Search displays rates for any medical service or item by provider, along with benchmark analysis for general market intel. Learn more about Search.

Analyze allows you to generate custom reports with data visualizations comparing rates against cohorts.

Refined results.

Search any medical service or item and view all rates by provider. Refine results to get as granular as you need.

Benchmark analysis.

Easily view benchmark rates for general market intel calculated from your refined results.

Custom reports.

Generate custom reports and data visualizations to see how your organization stacks up against cohorts.

Actionable data.

Our data and tools work seamlessly together with the rest of the Turquoise Platform and marketplace.

We’ve lowered the barrier, so come on in.

More to explore.

Whether it’s the way you access or what you access, the data is uniquely tailored to your needs.


A personalized reporting tool to compare cohorts.

Focus on an organization and see how they stack up against other cohorts with custom data visualizations.

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An easy-to-access tool with insights like nothing else.

Search a medical service or item and explore rates by provider, market, payer class, and more.

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Clear Rates Data

At the source of it lays a database full of rates.

Our analytics tools are sourced from the most comprehensive price transparency data set in the US.

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