The easiest way to benchmark negotiated rates.

Visual analytics reports built atop the most accurate and comprehensive price transparency data available will have you negotiating with confidence.


Visualized rates data.

Choose between a range of report types to compare cohorts by facility level, service category, codes, yield, and more.

Run reports anytime.

No technical expertise or long wait required to get the answer you need.

BYO Utilization.

Forecast spend/yield by uploading your custom utilization profiles.

Analyze overview.

Identify your target, set up your criteria, and we’ll handle the rest.

Generate. Download. Present.

Pulling from the most comprehensive price transparency data in the US, any report type you choose is easy to generate, download, and present to stakeholders. With Analyze, any organization can keep its leadership informed and its data team happy.

Set a focus.

Choose a database source, then focus on a market type and benchmark organization to compare cohorts.

Utilization data.

Import a utilization profile to choose the services and diagnoses you want to compare. Or pick them manually.

Premade insights.

Choose from a list of premade insights which will visualize and benchmark your data.

Run it!

Review your options then run it. Give us a little bit to complete the report, then you’ll see it in your list as ‘ready’.

All you have to do is tell us what you’re looking for.

As part of your platform access, you can start creating reports right away. Reports are built upon data enhanced with outlier flags, network mapping, medicare reference pricing, clear network labeling, and provider demographics.

IP and OP data.

You’ll get a view of inpatient, outpatient, and combined data.

Organized and segmented.

Organized intuitively, all views are segmented into main categories.

Edit criteria in report.

Show or hide what you want and change the chart type anytime.

Download data files.

ZIP those files and run to your next meeting.

Sure you could collect the data yourself, or just work with us.