Custom Rates

Get the rates you need.

Get targeted rates and reports pulled from the most comprehensive price transparency data available.


Only the most relevant rates.

Request rates most relevant to your business. Pay only for what you need.

Always on your schedule.

Set a schedule or manually refresh the request to always have the most current information.

Built-in analysis.

Dive into reports and visualizations to get what you need for market research and contract negotiations.

Custom Rates overview.

Identify your target, set up your criteria, we handle the rest.

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Compete for patients, not resources.

Custom Rates eliminates the noise of irrelevant rates by giving you only the information relevant to your goals and easy on your budget.

Expand your services, equip your team, attract new business, and scrutinize your competitors; the solutions are endless—well, okay, not endless, but there are a lot of them.

Market intel.

Review how your rates compare in the area, or understand the impact of breaking into a new one.

Negotiating power.

Achieve pricing in line with market rates and monetize your newly-found knowledge.

Master service offerings.

Learn more about your current services or the potential of expanding them.

Attract new business.

Offer simple, transparent pricing at competitive rates and patients will come calling.

All you have to do is tell us what you’re looking for.

Let us know what rates are most helpful to you and we’ll find them within the most comprehensive and accurate price transparency data available. Quickly thereafter, you’ll have rates and visualizations at your fingertips.

Sure you could collect the data yourself, or just work with us.


I had phenomenal results. The data guided us to scrap our previous negotiation strategy, saving us a ton of time. We have been very pleased!

Director, Managed Care