DIY Direct Contracting Engine

Create Direct to Provider contracts without expensive consultants and lawyers. Learn how Turquoise enables simple, Medicare-based or capitation-based agreements.

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Simple agreements for complex services.

You shouldn’t need a PhD in calculus to draft a managed care agreement. Build on best practices in prospective payment and boilerplate contracts drafted by managed care lawyers. No need to start from scratch.

We save providers and employers on the cost of middlemen with our easy-to-use, DIY Managed Care platform.

Both providers and payers can create contracts on Turquoise before entering the marketplace. Try it out today.

Reimbursement analytics to guide negotiations.

Benefit from rate benchmarking built directly into the application. Find a sweet spot rate for a service that is mutually beneficial to all parties, with analytics to back it up. Self funded employers can compare proposed rates to historical spend for similar services, while providers can compare expected reimbursement to Medicare, other third party payers and averages by region.

Managed care with doctors, not consultants and lawyers.

Turquoise’s DIY approach to contracting attempts to lower the cost of healthcare by eliminating administration. This allows non-traditional payers to find comparable quality at lower costs and providers to reach new markets.

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The parts we’ve done for you.

Simplified payment models

The Turquoise platform only allows Medicare-based prospective payment and capitation agreements.

Boilerplate contracts

We’ve worked with experienced managed care lawyers to create a template contract on par with the most watertight agreements between health systems and payers.

Claim spend forecasts

Our machine-learning powered analytics outline claim spend scenarios to help both providers and employers anticipate reimbursement.


Share, revise, and version contract drafts with your team until everyone is happy. Forget about lengthy PDFs and cumbersome Excel files.

Create a direct-to-provider contract

The platform is easy enough to use that you don’t need consultants to walk you through it. Try creating your first contract today.

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