One visit, one bill. Package services with Turquoise.

As the market moves towards transparency, patients and federal regulation call for clearer pricing. This means a single bill for a single visit. See how the Turquoise software can help create service packages that are simple for the patient and agreeable to downstream providers.

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Service packages everyone can understand.

Bundled payment system best practices have evolved and matured in the past decade. On Turquoise, every tool for creating intuitive bundled payments is at your fingertips, with easy-to-understand data to guide the way.

Define eligible patient populations, episodes of care, outcomes measures, and participating advisors. See live updates to expected reimbursement as compared to historical data. Save, share and revert back to drafts as discussions continue with involved parties.

If necessary, work with an experienced bundled payment consultant to guide you along the way.

Bring your service package to market.

You can design a service package architecture before ever shopping it around to potential payers and networks.

Once all involved parties are comfortable with the design of the service package, put it on the Turquoise Health Marketplace to shop out to potential non-traditional purchasers, such as co-ops, unions, and self-funded employers. Enter into a Direct to Provider Contract for specific subsets of service packages, such as knee replacements or MRIs.

As you entertain proposals, see revenue forecasts for that specific patient population before entering into an agreement.

Clear pricing is quality care.

With Turquoise, every participating provider in the patient’s episode of care can receive fair, timely reimbursement while the patient only sees one bill. Increase patient satisfaction in the overall care experience.

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Why package services on Turquoise?

Easy of Use

Ditch complicated Excel models and old, clunky software that requires a consultant to walk you through.

Data driven

Let user-friendly analytics guide you through every step of the way. Our platform runs on Medicare PPS pricing, coding reference tools, and historical data.

Go to market

Design a service package and list it on the market in the same place. Find cash pay patients as well as non-traditional buyers of healthcare.

Leave claims behind

Our service package designs simplify the number and nature of claims. Don’t fret over lost revenue because of a simple billing or coding mistake.

Make it easier to get paid

Bundled service packages simplify reimbursement for all parties involved, but they seem complex to create. Learn how we make it easy.

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