Benchmarking Engine

We're lowering the barrier to market intelligence.

Never before have hospital managed care rates been more accessible in a clear, structured way. Thanks to price transparency legislation taking effect 1/1/2021, organizations won't be blind to market rates any longer. See how Turquoise Health can help you compare against Medicare, specific payers, specific geographies, and national benchmarks.


Nationwide hospital and
professional rates.

Our self-service search engine allows
you to query both hospital and
professional rates by region, payer, and


Fair market prices that
drive patient engagement.

Starting in 2021, healthcare buyers
(patients and employers) will have more
power to choose appropriately priced care.
Discover where your rates are out of line
with the market.


Medicare rates at the

With Medicare pricing powering the
foundation of our analytics, always know
where rates stand against Medicare
professional, inpatient, and outpatient

managed care benchmarking

Rates data that
isn’t a
patchwork quilt.

Although federal regulation required hospitals to
publish negotiated rates for all of a hospital’s
standard charges, CMS provided no standard export

managed care benchmarking

Request custom
reporting along
any dimension.

If self-service reporting sounds too
complicated, we get it. You have better
things to do than sift through
nationwide rates data.

managed care benchmarking

Clear pricing

At Turquoise, we don’t just provide the
rates data - we offer a marketplace to
display service offerings as well as
contract management software to go
with it.


“We expected Final Rule compliance to
take months and to pull away a lot of
our staff. Turquoise got us going in weeks.”

Are you ready to stop negotiating
in the dark?

Price transparency data will change the managed care negotiation process - giving
and purchasers a seat at the table. Partner with Turquoise Health to shine
a light on your managed care rates.

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