Price and model claims at Medicare rates.

Although PPS pricers are available for individual claim pricing on the Medicare website, Medicare does not provide a “ready to use” batch pricing version of the PPS Pricers. This makes repricing a pain for smaller organizations and providers that need to assign prices and view logic on dozens or hundreds of claims at a time.

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Batch Pricing with Turquoise Health

We’ve replicated the CMS pricing logic for the following PC Pricers below:

  • Inpatient PPS Pricer (IPPS)
  • Outpatient PPS Pricer (OPPS)
  • Hospice PPS Pricer
  • Inpatient Psychiatric PPS Pricer
  • Inpatient Rehab PPS Pricer
  • Long Term Care PPS Pricer
  • Skilled Nursing (SNF) PPS Pricer
  • ESRD PPS Pricer
  • FQUHC PPS Pricer

Work with us in a way that works for you

  • One off engagement (send us a batch of de-identified claims data, and we’ll assign pricing)
  • Via a batch pricing API (integrate Medicare pricing into your system without ever leaving your software)
  • Subscription licensing (pay to price claims by month – with unused credit rolling over to the next month)

Is this product for you?

Medicare pricing affects providers and vendors all throughout healthcare. Contact us today if you’re an organization that wants to know what’s owed from CMS:

  • Law firms
  • Providers
  • TPAs
  • Software vendors
  • Consultants

Have questions about the Medicare Batch Pricing Engine?

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