Price Transparency Suite

There’s a market for transparency.

Starting January 2021, CMS mandates the public disclosure of
chargemaster and third party rates for at least 300 shoppable services.

We’ve built an out-of-the-box solution for hosting user-friendly
rates that’s 100% compliant with the CMS Final Rule. Any
hospital can customize and launch our solution in a matter of days.


Quick and easy

Many hospitals think that price transparency compliance will take months. With our automated process, we can have you up and running in under a month.


Easily search
services and charges.

Messy Excel files, CPT codes, and long chargemaster lists confuse and mislead patients. Allow our intuitive search and descriptive procedures to guide patients to the correct service.


Full compliance
with CMS.

Our price transparency solution fully complies with the CMS 1717-F2 Final Rule. Easily generate both a machine-readable chargemaster file and shoppable service tool.

Price Transparency

Customized to
your hospital’s

Embed price transparency directly into your
hospital’s website, complete with your logo,
style, and custom disclaimer information for
patient estimates.

Price Transparency

Patient insight
with tailored

Price transparency regulation doesn’t have to
be a burden. With Turquoise, discover data-driven
insights around your shoppable services. Use our
pre-built analytics to drive patient volume and
expand service offerings.

Price Transparency

Update rates
any time
in the admin

Upload rates directly using exports from Cerner or Epic.
Alternatively, log into the admin interface any time to
upload rates in batch or ad hoc. You control how your rates
data is presented online, 24/7.


“We expected Final Rule compliance to
take months and to pull away a lot of
our staff. Turquoise got us going in weeks.”

Are you ready for price
transparency the easy way?

There is a market for transparency. Learn how Turquoise Health
can upgrade your cumbersome Excel files and confusing CDMs to
create a clear shoppable service menu for patients.

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