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Pricing API

We’re all about helping partners reach patients outside the Turquoise Health platform. Bring transparent rates data right into your software with our API.

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Who’s the API for?

We want to enable cost-conscious decision making for patients, referring providers, and employers. We know that means integrating with upstream decision making prior to and at the point of care.

Could your platform benefit from patient-centered rates data? We’re happy to talk to companies in the following spaces:

  • Software vendors
  • Consultants
  • TPAs
  • Law firms
  • Providers

What’s under the hood?

Currently, our API exposes a database of shoppable service rates for thousands of hospitals across the United States. This database includes cash and insurance rates for 600+ common inpatient and outpatient shoppable services. These numbers grow by the day - contact us to get an update on the range of data available.

To learn more about the data on our platform, read about where we get our data from on the Patient section of our site.

Turquoise expects to add professional rates, hospital per diem rates, and non-shoppable rates by spring of this year.

What are some use cases?

Request a list of rates nearby

API users can receive a list of rates for shoppable service (cash, available payer rates) with the following input parameters:

  • Provider
  • Location
  • Service category
  • Code
  • Service name
  • Clean payer name (or, cash rates)

Request information about providers

There’s more to healthcare decision-making than cost alone. Get provider information for hospitals and Turquoise participating non-hospital providers, such as:

  • Services provided
  • Price transparency compliance rating
  • Provider location and identification information
  • Provider website and contact information
  • Provider quality rating

Request information about shoppable services

It’s important to give your users more than just a procedure code as they navigate decision making. Here is some info you can request about a specific shoppable service:

  • User friendly HTML description of a service (similar to something you'd find on WebMD)
  • Average charge of a service near a location
  • Free text search to browse all available services that match a string ("MRI")

API Pricing

We price at a flat monthly fee with per-request charges beyond a specified threshold. We also offer trial periods for developers to experiment with our API. For more pricing details, contact us.

Are you ready for price transparency?

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