Rates API

Powerful data right into your software.

Our robust API lets you integrate pricing data into any build, plus other cool stuff like provider and service info.


Increase product value.

Let pricing data increase your product value tenfold by surfacing the data when you need it, how you need it.

Flexible use cases.

When you request rates and information from the API you can set specific parameters for exactly what you need.

Surface any rate.

Pull in the rates you need from hospital and/or payer price transparency data—even the cost of domestic beer per hospital.

Rates API overview.

Help us democratize price transparency data.

Simple integration with sophisticated results.

The integration may be simple but the results and impact of what can be created are not. That was way too serious from the usual tone—so, on a scale of Matilda to Thanos how well would you handle telekinesis?

Check out the API documentation:

Rate requests.

Request rates for inpatient services, outpatient services, professional services, and more.

Service info.

Using free string search, request information about services like the code, description, and average cost.

Provider info.

Request information about providers like the services provided, quality rating, details, and more.

Flexible pricing.

Choose between a monthly fee with charges above the request threshold, trial periods, or custom pricing.

Let’s enable cost-conscious decision making for everyone.