Standard Service Packages

Open source medical service packages.

One healthcare procedure can turn into a multitude of bills and confusing billing codes. So we packaged them into a single, easy to understand bundle. You’re welcome.


Simplify billing.

Reporting care has gotten overly complex. SSPs simplify reporting by distilling encounters to a single code.

Easy implementation.

Calling the SSP API is as easy as adding a few lines of code. Deliver a single, free solution for pain points across your organization.

Open and free.

We believe a system that touches as many lives as medical bills do, should be transparent, collaborative, and always free.

Standard Service Packages overview.

Coding inaccuracies and billing errors lead to lost or inflated revenue, all while confusing patients and hurting staff.

Bundled together with care.

Standard Service Packages gather all medical services, materials, and fees associated with a healthcare procedure and represent them as a single code.

Created by industry experts and a team of A-list engineers, Standard Service Packages are neatly bundled, aptly categorized, and accurately tagged to meet the needs of patients, providers, and payers.

We're simplifying the world of healthcare billing.

Event packages.

Events are common procedures that bundles all services and materials for a patient encounter.

Episode packages.

Episodes are larger procedures that bundle all patient encounters through the entire care lifecycle.

Neatly organized.

SSPs are categorized by body system and specialty for an easy browsing experience.

Prep for NoSA.

The Standard Service Packages library is built to prepare your organization for the No Surprises Act.

Stop reading and
SSP already.

More to explore.

SSP is in beta, but our goals are to incorporate it into our platform to help it become the healthcare standard.

Clear Contracts

Import packages in managed care agreements.

Having common procedures bundled into one designation fast-tracks a lot of care agreements.

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Instand GFE

Assign packages for your estimates.

Wouldn’t it be so much easier to assign a single package to an estimate, rather than a bunch of codes and services?

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Access the open source library of packages.

We’ve starting building out a library of service packages and it’s now available through a free API.

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