MRF Transparency Scorecard

Last downloaded MRF on May 29, 2024, 12:35 p.m.

Turquoise Machine Readable File (MRF) Transparency Score

This hospital has posted a complete machine readable file.

We evaluated this hospital alongside other hospitals of similar size and type.

  • Care Location TypePsychiatric Hospital
  • Beds105

This hospital’s machine-readable file is complete relative to the machine readable file requirements of the Hospital Price Transparency rule. Delimiters for attributes are defined by a combination of cohort data analysis and industry input. Learn more about our methodology here.

Transparency Breakdown

Turquoise has selected these categories with input from patients, subject matter and industry experts after reviewing over 4,000 machine readable files in 2021. Our intent is to thoughtfully assess the overall usefulness of MRF data elements for building the foundation of patient cost estimates. These categories and criteria are not approved or sponsored by CMS.


  • Number of Usable Charge Records

  • Percent of Records with Cash Rates

  • Percent of Records with List Rates


  • Number of Distinct Payers

  • Number of Distinct Plans

  • Percent of Records with Negotiated Rates

  • Percent of Records with Big 5 National Payer Rates

*Minimum and Maximum rates, although required by CMS, are not currently evaluated in our MRF transparency scorecard. These rates can be derived from other data elements included in the file.

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