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What is an Arthroscopy, Shoulder, Diagnostic?

An arthroscopy, shoulder, diagnostic is a minimally invasive medical procedure. It is used to diagnose and study conditions in the shoulder joint.

Why would I get an Arthroscopy, Shoulder, Diagnostic?

An arthroscopy, shoulder, diagnostic may be recommended if a patient is experiencing shoulder pain and there is suspicion of a joint-related injury or disease being the root cause. An arthroscopy also allows the doctor to perform certain treatments while looking directly into the joint.

What Happens During an Arthroscopy, Shoulder, Diagnostic?

The procedure begins with the doctor making a small incision and inserting a tiny fiber-optic camera into the shoulder joint. This camera gives the doctor a clear view of the interior of the joint so they can identify the issue. The doctor may also perform treatments such as loosening any tight bands of tissue or removing any loose particles or cartilage.

What to Expect After an Arthroscopy, Shoulder, Diagnostic?

After the arthroscopy, shoulder, diagnostic procedure, patients may experience mild pain and swelling around the area, but this should go away quickly with rest and proper care. Patients may also need to use a sling while the shoulder heals following the procedure.


An arthroscopy, shoulder, diagnostic is a medical procedure used to diagnose and treat conditions in the shoulder joint. Incisions are made and the joint is examined by a tiny camera inserted by the doctor. After the procedure, patients may feel temporary pain and swelling, but this should improve with rest and healing.

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