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What is an Arthroscopy, Shoulder, Surgical?

An arthroscopy, shoulder, surgical is a minimally invasive procedure that uses an endoscope to view the shoulder joint.

Why Would I Get an Arthroscopy, Shoulder, Surgical?

An arthroscopy, shoulder, surgical may be necessary to help diagnose or treat shoulder injuries or problems. It can allow a doctor to diagnose or treat a shoulder issue, such as shoulder instability, shoulder arthritis, bursitis, shoulder pain, shoulder impingement, and other shoulder issues.

What Happens During an Arthroscopy, Shoulder, Surgical?

During the procedure, a doctor inserts a small endoscope with a tiny camera into the shoulder joint. This allows the doctor to get a clear view of the inside of the joint. The doctor may also insert tiny instruments into the joint to complete certain medical tasks. The surgeon will then perform the necessary treatments or procedures.

What to Expect After an Arthroscopy, Shoulder, Surgical?

After the procedure, most patients experience a little bit of pain and soreness in the affected area. However, the actual recovery process can vary from person to person. In most cases, a patient will need to wear a sling or brace to support and protect the shoulder while it heals. It is also important to follow any instructions from the doctor, such as making sure to rest, keep the area clean and dry, and avoid strenuous activities.


An arthroscopy, shoulder, surgical is a minimally invasive procedure used to diagnose and treat shoulder problems. During the procedure, the doctor inserts an endoscope with a camera and tools into the shoulder joint for a clear view of the area. There may be some pain and soreness afterwards, and a patient may need to wear a sling or brace. It is important to follow the doctor's instructions during recovery in order to heal properly.

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