Carpal tunnel release

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What is a Carpal Tunnel Release?

A carpal tunnel release is a medical procedure used to reduce the pressure on the median nerve and lessen the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Why Would I Get a Carpal Tunnel Release?

This procedure is necessary when conservative treatments like wearing a wrist splint and changing activities that are causing pain from carpal tunnel syndrome don't bring relief.

What Happens During a Carpal Tunnel Release?

During a carpal tunnel release, a doctor will make an incision in your hand to access the wrist and median nerve. Then, a ligament that is compressing the median nerve will be released. Often times, additional treatments like steroid injections may be used as well.

What to Expect After a Carpal Tunnel Release?

After the procedure, the hand wound may be dressed with a bandage and a splint may be put on. Pain medication or antibiotics may be prescribed. Depending on the severity of the condition, physical therapy may also be necessary.


Carpal tunnel release is a medical procedure used to relieve pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome that isn't responding to other treatments. It requires an incision in the hand to access the median nerve, and the ligament compressing it is released. After the procedure, dressing and splints are placed on the hand, and physical therapy may be necessary to restore movement and function of the hand.

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