Carpal Tunnel Release

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What is a Carpal Tunnel Release Procedure?

A carpal tunnel release procedure is a medical procedure used to treat the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, which is caused by compression of the median nerve in the wrist.

Why would I get a Carpal Tunnel Release Procedure?

This procedure is typically recommended for people who are experiencing symptoms including tingling, numbness, pain, or weakness in the hand, wrist, or arm due to carpal tunnel syndrome.

What happens during a Carpal Tunnel Release Procedure?

During the procedure, the carpal ligament is cut in order to release pressure on the median nerve. This will help to alleviate pain and other symptoms caused by the carpal tunnel syndrome.

What to expect after a Carpal Tunnel Release Procedure?

After the procedure, patients can expect to experience an improvement in their symptoms and increased mobility in their hand and arm. It may take some time for the full effects of the procedure to be felt, and physical therapy may be needed for further recovery.


A carpal tunnel release procedure is an effective treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome, and it can help improve mobility and reduce pain and other symptoms. It is important to discuss the risks and benefits with a doctor before making a decision about whether to have the procedure.

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