Correction, hallux valgus

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What is a Correction, Hallux Valgus Procedure?

A Correction, hallux valgus is a surgical procedure to address a foot deformity also known as "bunion". This condition is caused by displacement of the big toe joint and causes the big toe and first metatarsal to angle inwards leading to bone, cartilage, and ligament damage over time.

Why would I get a Correction, Hallux Valgus Procedure?

This procedure is typically done when the bunion is severe enough that it is having an impact on daily life and causing pain and difficulty when walking.

What happens during a Correction, Hallux Valgus Procedure?

The bunion is removed during the procedure, and the bones of the metatarsal are realigned and stabilized with screws or wires. Sometimes a wedge can be inserted to help realign the toe and correct any imbalance in the bones.

What to expect after a Correction, Hallux Valgus Procedure?

Immediately after the procedure, the foot will be placed in a walking brace and the patient will be encouraged to walk with crutches and protective padding. The doctor will also provide exercises to help strengthen the foot and improve range of motion.


A Correction, hallux valgus procedure can be done to reduce pain and improve mobility caused by a bunion. During the procedure, the bunion is removed and the bones realigned before they are stabilized. Once the procedure is complete, the patient will be encouraged to wear a brace, walk with crutches, and do exercises to strengthen the foot.

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