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What is a Correction, Hammertoe Procedure?

A Correction, Hammertoe Procedure is a common foot surgery used to treat a condition called hammertoe. This condition occurs when the toes become bent and become stuck in a clawed position and can be quite painful.

Why Would I Get a Correction, Hammertoe Procedure?

A correction, hammertoe procedure is typically recommended to improve function and comfort in the foot. It can correct abnormalities caused by the hammertoe and relieve pain in the affected area.

What Happens During a Correction, Hammertoe Procedure?

During the procedure, the surgeon will detach the tendons and reposition them so the toes can lie straight. They may also remove any excess bone and trim part of the toe bone if needed.

What to Expect After a Correction, Hammertoe Procedure?

Following the surgery, it’s typical to experience some swelling, soreness, and difficulty walking. You may also need to wear a special shoe, splint, or brace for several weeks to ensure the toes remain straight.


A correction, hammertoe procedure is a common foot surgery used to treat the painful condition known as hammertoe. It corrects abnormalities caused by the hammertoe, relieves pain, and can improve the foot’s function and comfort. After the procedure, a person can expect swelling, soreness, difficulty walking, and may need to wear a special support for several weeks.

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