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What is a Distal Radius ORIF Procedure?

A Distal Radius ORIF (open reduction and internal fixation) is a surgical procedure used to repair a broken bone in the forearm at the wrist. This procedure uses hardware to stabilize the bone, such as metal screws or plates.

Why would I get a Distal Radius ORIF Procedure?

This procedure is typically recommended when a patient has a distal radius fracture, which is a break in the radius bone located near the wrist. When this fracture is caused by a fall and other treatments have failed, a surgery like the Distal radius ORIF may be recommended to help the fracture heal and maintain proper function of the wrist.

What happens during a Distal Radius ORIF Procedure?

During a Distal Radius ORIF procedure, the fracture is reduced (put back into proper alignment) and the hardware is placed on both sides of the fracture. The hardware may be a metal plate and screws, depending on what is required to hold the fracture in place.

What to expect after a Distal Radius ORIF Procedure?

After the Distal Radius ORIF procedure, it is important to follow your doctor’s instructions and give the wrist time to heal. This may involve wearing a cast or splint, as well as participating in physical therapy exercises to restore strength and dexterity to the injured area. Pain and swelling are also common, so be sure to take medications for relief as prescribed by your doctor.


The Distal Radius ORIF procedure is a surgical option for treating certain wrist fractures. It requires the insertion of hardware to stabilize the fracture, and should be followed by physical therapy and medications to help with pain and swelling. Taking the time to properly care for the fracture after the surgery will help ensure the best possible outcome.

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