Excision, interdigital neuroma

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What is an Excision, Interdigital Neuroma?

An Excision, Interdigital Neuroma refers to a procedure where a nerve located between two toes is removed. This is usually done to treat chronic pain caused by pressure on the nerve.

Why Would I Get an Excision, Interdigital Neuroma?

A person may get an Excision, Interdigital Neuroma procedure if they have pain or numbness in their toes that does not respond to rest or conservative treatment. It may be due to a neuroma, which is an enlarged nerve in between one’s toes.

What Happens During an Excision, Interdigital Neuroma Procedure?

During the interdigital neuroma excision procedure, the surgeon will open the skin between the toe joint, cut the nerve, and then close the skin with stitches.

What to Expect After an Excision, Interdigital Neuroma Procedure?

After the procedure, the patient may experience some swelling, bruising, and pain which usually subsides within a few days. The area must also be kept clean, and the stitches should be removed as advised by the surgeon.


In conclusion, an Excision, Interdigital Neuroma is a procedure that involves excising an enlarged nerve located between the toes to relieve chronic pain or numbness in the toes. The patient should expect some discomfort and will be instructed to keep the area clean and free of infection. Recovery time is usually short, and the patient should experience relief of their symptoms.

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