Gastrocnemius recession

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What is a Gastrocnemius Recession Procedure?

A gastrocnemius recession procedure is when a doctor takes the gastrocnemius muscle (the muscle in the back of the lower leg) and lengthens it to correct a tight Achilles tendon. This procedure can be performed on both the left and right leg.

Why Would I Get a Gastrocnemius Recession Procedure?

A person might get a gastrocnemius recession procedure if they are experiencing excessive pain and tightness in their Achilles tendon. This can be caused by activities such as jumping, running, or even walking. The procedure is done to help reduce the pain and thus improve mobility.

What Happens During a Gastrocnemius Recession Procedure?

During the procedure, an incision will be made in the back of the affected leg and the gastrocnemius muscle will be detached from the back of the calf bone. The doctor will then stretch the muscle outward to reduce the tension in the Achilles Tendon.

What to Expect After a Gastrocnemius Recession Procedure?

After the procedure, it's normal to feel some pain and soreness for a few days. Medical professionals will often suggest medications and physical therapies to help manage the pain. You should also expect to need to wear a cast or boot for at least a few weeks to allow the muscle to heal properly.


Gastrocnemius recession is a procedure used to help reduce Achilles tendon tightness by stretching the gastrocnemius muscle. During the procedure, an incision will be made in the back of the lower leg and the muscle will be pulled backwards. After the procedure, pain and soreness is expected, as well as a cast or boot needed to heal. With proper care and medications, the procedure can help improve mobility and reduce pain.

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