Tendon sheath incision

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What is a Tendon Sheath Incision?

A tendon sheath incision is a procedure in which a small section of the tendon sheath is opened. The tendon sheath is a fibrous capsule that helps protect and holds the tendon in place while it moves.

Why would I get a Tendon Sheath Incision?

A tendon sheath incision may be necessary to allow access to the tendon, such as if the tendon is excessively swollen or the surrounding tissue is too tight and needs to be released to permit better movement. Additionally, tendon sheath incisions are also used to control bleeding or remove scar tissue.

What happens during a Tendon Sheath Incision?

During a tendon sheath incision, the surgeon will make a small cut in the tendon sheath. This is typically done using local anesthetic, so that the patient does not feel any pain. Once the incision is made, the surgeon may manually release any tension on the tendon by massaging, cutting, or stretching the tissue. In some cases, additional instruments may be used to help complete the procedure.

What to expect after a Tendon Sheath Incision?

After a tendon sheath incision procedure, your doctor may prescribe physical therapy to help restore range of motion. In addition, you may need to wear a splint or cast to help protect the tendon and keep it immobilized while it heals. You may also need to apply a cold compress to help reduce the risk of inflammation.


A tendon sheath incision is a common medical procedure that is used for a variety of reasons, such as addressing swelling or releasing tension on the tendon. During the procedure, a small incision is made in the tendon sheath to allow for better access. After the procedure, you may need to wear a splint or cast and physical therapy may be necessary to help restore range of motion.

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