Acupuncture with stimulation

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What is Acupuncture with Stimulation?

Acupuncture with Stimulation is a form of traditional Chinese medicine involving the insertion of fine needles into specific areas of the body to bring about a healing effect. This procedure is often combined with electrical stimulation to create a therapeutic effect.

Why Would I Get Acupuncture with Stimulation?

Acupuncture with Stimulation is used to treat a variety of physical and psychological conditions, including pain, anxiety, insomnia, and more. This procedure is also used for preventive care, such as for promoting healthy digestion and circulation.

What Happens During Acupuncture with Stimulation?

During Acupuncture with Stimulation, fine, sterile needles are inserted into the patient’s skin at the predetermined acupuncture points. In addition, electrical stimulation is applied to the needles to help optimize the effects.

What to Expect After Acupuncture with Stimulation?

After Acupuncture with Stimulation, most people experience immediate relief from their symptoms. Patients may also experience better overall energy levels and improved mood.


Acupuncture with Stimulation is a safe and effective treatment that can provide relief from a variety of conditions. It is a relatively painless procedure and the effects are often immediate. Most people report that the treatment is comfortable, calming, and relaxing.

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