Nasal flu vaccine

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What is a Nasal Flu Vaccine?

A nasal flu vaccine is a preventative treatment to reduce the severity of symptoms and risk of complications if someone were to contract the flu virus.

Why Would I Get a Nasal Flu Vaccine?

The nasal flu vaccine is beneficial for people who are at risk of getting the flu and experiencing complications from it, such as those with weakened immune systems and the elderly.

What Happens During a Nasal Flu Vaccine Procedure?

The nasal flu vaccine is administered by spraying a liquid solution into a person’s nose. It contains an inactivated version of the flu virus which helps the body develop protection against getting it.

What to Expect After a Nasal Flu Vaccine?

People may experience mild cold-like symptoms such as nasal congestion, nasal discharge, and a sore throat. There may also be some minor inflammation and redness in the nostrils.


The nasal flu vaccine is a quick, painless procedure to reduce the risk of experiencing more severe symptoms from getting the flu. Most people report only minor discomfort that goes away shortly after receiving the vaccine.

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