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What is the Varicella Vaccine?

The Varicella Vaccine is a type of vaccination administered to children or adults for protection against the chicken pox virus, also known as varicella. It works by introducing a weakened form of the virus into the body.

Why Would I Get a Varicella Vaccine?

Getting the Varicella Vaccine is an effective way to prevent the chicken pox virus. It decreases the risk of developing the virus in the event of exposure. Additionally, those who get the vaccine may experience milder symptoms if infected with the virus.

What Happens During a Varicella Vaccine?

During a Varicella Vaccine procedure, a healthcare professional will inject the weakened form of the virus into the arm or leg muscle. They may monitor the injection site afterwards and ask the patient a few questions to gauge any signs of infection.

What to Expect After a Varicella Vaccine?

After receiving a Varicella Vaccine, mild side effects such as redness, soreness, or itching of the injection site may occur but typically pass within one or two days. Additionally, the body may show signs of an immune response, such as a low fever or slight rash. It is important to monitors symptoms and contact a doctor if they become more severe or persistent.


The Varicella Vaccine is a safe and effective way to prevent chicken pox. While mild side effects are possible, serious complications are rare. It is important for parents and guardians to discuss the benefits and risks of this procedure before administration.

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