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  • HCPCS 87210

    A lab test to screen for evidence of vaginal infection

  • HCPCS 87205

    A lab test used to detect bacteria or fungi in a sample taken from the site of a suspected infection

  • HCPCS 87147

    Analysis for antibody bordetella (respiratory bacteria)

  • HCPCS 87101

    A procedure used to determine if fungi are present in an area of the body

  • HCPCS 87186

    A test used to determine which medications work on bacteria for fungi

  • HCPCS 87070

    Bacterial Culture, any source

  • HCPCS 87086

    Bacterial urine culture; quantitative colony count

  • HCPCS 87661

    Blood test for an STD

  • HCPCS 87653

    Blood test for strep infection

  • HCPCS 87510

    Blood test for vaginitis

  • HCPCS 87801

    Blood test to determine genetic material of certain infectious agents

  • HCPCS 87046

    Blood test to identify bacteria that may be contributing to symptoms in the gastrointestinal tract

  • HCPCS 87040

    Blood test to screen for bacteria in the blood

  • HCPCS 87491

    Chlamydia Test

  • HCPCS 87635

    Covid-19 current infection test

  • HCPCS 87088

    Culture of the urine to determine bacterial infection

  • HCPCS 87493

    Detection test for clostridium difficile

  • HCPCS 87324

    Detection test for clostridium difficile toxins (stool pathogen)

  • HCPCS 87497

    Detection test for cytomegalovirus, quantification

  • HCPCS 87340

    Detection test for Hepatitis Be surface antigen

  • HCPCS 87536

    Detection test for HIV-1 virus, quantification

  • HCPCS 87591

    Detection Test for Neisseria Gonorrhoeae

  • HCPCS 87517

    Hepatitis B Detection

  • HCPCS 87389

    HIV antigen and antibodies detection test

  • HCPCS 87624

    HPV Detection

  • HCPCS 87081

    Medical test to find an infection

  • HCPCS 87230

    Microbial toxin or antitoxin assay

  • HCPCS 86735

    Mumps virus antibody test

  • HCPCS 86747

    Parvovirus antibody test

  • HCPCS 86762

    Rubella virus antibody test

  • HCPCS 86765

    Rubeola virus antibody test

  • HCPCS 87207

    Smear for infectious agents

  • HCPCS 87177

    Smear for Parasites

  • HCPCS 87206

    Special stain for microorganism; special stain for parasites

  • HCPCS 87045

    Stool Culture

  • HCPCS 87880

    Strep Test

  • HCPCS 87804

    Test for Influenza Virus

  • HCPCS 87807

    Test for RSV

  • HCPCS 87077

    Test of a wound for type of bacterial infection

  • HCPCS 86780

    Treponema pallidum antibody test

  • HCPCS 86787

    Varicella-zoster virus antibody test

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