Ascension SE Wisconsin Hospital - Franklin Campus

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All Services / Labs and Pathology

Organ or Disease Oriented Panels

  • HCPCS 80074

    Acute hepatitis panel

  • HCPCS 80048

    Basic metabolic panel

  • HCPCS 80053

    Blood test, comprehensive group of blood chemicals

  • HCPCS 80061

    Blood test, lipids (cholesterol and triglycerides)

  • HCPCS 80051

    Blood test panel for electrolytes (sodium potassium, chloride, carbon dioxide)

  • HCPCS 80081

    Blood test panel for obstetrics (cbc, differential wbc count, hepatitis b, hiv, rubella, syphilis, antibody screening, rbc, blood typing)

  • HCPCS 80050

    General health panel

  • HCPCS 80069

    Kidney Function Blood Test Panel

  • HCPCS 80076

    Liver function blood test panel

  • HCPCS 80055

    Obstetric blood test panel

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