We simplify how healthcare gets paid.

As it stands, healthcare revenue cycle is a zero sum game that results in higher prices. We’re building software to make pricing clearer, simpler and lower cost.

The problem: providers struggle to quote clear prices.

Faced with fluctuating billing guidelines and confusing insurance requirements, providers have a hard time quoting patients clear prices. Many providers want their patients to know up front prices but hit too many barriers doing so. For one, the data infrastructure is too broken from the start.

We engage with well-intentioned providers and payers that want to work together to create price transparency for patients and employers.

Turquoise guides providers and payers to simpler agreements, resulting in clearer prices.

Through price transparency, service bundling and simplified contract management, we rework the underlying infrastructure that blocks easy up front pricing. We also reduce the need for complex billing and coding that causes pricing nightmares.

Our vision is a not-so-distant future where prices have menu-like clarity at a fair market rate.

We’re building the future of a simpler transaction in healthcare. Interested to hear more? Get in touch.

If you want to help us build that future, take a look at our open roles.

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