Stop overspending on healthcare claims

Outdated discounts are obsolete thanks to new price transparency data. Now you can analyze and compare your plans to the market using real reimbursement data.

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Network pricing

Understand how carriers and plans compare by repricing your claims using price transparency data.

Plan performance

Explore networks and plan price performance across inpatient, outpatient, and professional prices.

Compare plans

Model plan designs, disruption, and different plan scenarios by service category.

Start taking advantage of a new healthcare economy

Thanks to price transparency legislation, payers and providers are now mandated to publicly disclose their rates via machine-readable files. A transparent healthcare economy means you can go from guessing about costs to shopping for high-quality, affordable health plans.

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Analyze for Employers
Powered by Plan Check

An enhancement to a traditional discount analysis. Plan Check gives your organization a more comprehensive view of how networks and plans perform on a price basis across inpatient, outpatient, and professional prices within the framework of your claims experience.

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Search for Employers
Powered by Price Relativity Index (PRI)

Evaluate the relative strength of contracts scaled to any provider cohort of interest. Unlike traditional methods reliant on outdated carrier-reported data, the PRI utilizes payer-reported price transparency data for accurate, provider-specific insights to finally answer the question, “Who has the best rates?”

Relativity scores, driven by unit costs of specified services, enable a more precise comparison focused on the true cost of care. Each rate within our data receives a "relative score" compared to the national median rate for its service code. Derived from national claims and price transparency data, scores are weighted by total revenue spent and then combined to produce a singular score for each provider-network combination.

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