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On Turquoise Health, you can shop prices for healthcare services before you get care. Picking a low cost, high-quality healthcare provider can save you a significant amount of money.

Where we get our data and how it should be used.

The Turquoise Health search engine is a beta research tool that serves as a starting point for users to compare relative costs of care.

While Turquoise Health is working towards a future where providers and payers collaborate on our platform to create 100% upfront price certainty, it’s important to note the limitations of our data.

Most of our data is sourced from the Machine Readable File disclosure required by the government’s Hospital Price Transparency rule. Hospitals posted this data to comply with federal law on January 1st, 2021.

It’s important to keep the following in mind as you search through the data:

  • Unless you see a “Turquoise Verified” icon next to the provider name, the rate listed is the provider-reported rate disclosed in the Machine Readable File associated with the federal regulation. This data could have errors, as it was a very manual process for many hospitals to publish this data.
  • The rate listed is only the “Facility Portion” of the hospital stay. You may receive additional bills from the professional that completes your service (such as the surgeon’s fee or anesthesiologist’s fee). There also may be additional charges associated with a service, such as the cost of an implanted device or injectable drug. Please contact the hospital directly or your insurance company to verify your final estimate.
  • The Facility Portion of the bill is often (but not always) the highest cost associated with your hospital stay. So, it’s a useful number to use as a point of comparison and you’ll usually be responsible for at least the Facility Portion rate listed.
  • There are many additional services that the hospital offers that are not listed on the Turquoise Health website. We’ve only listed a select group of common shoppable services.
  • If your insurance is not listed for a given service, inquire directly with the provider. There is a good chance your insurance is still covered but the hospital chose not to list the rate.
  • Patients with Medicare and Medicaid coverage should not use Turquoise Health to compare rates. Contact Medicare or your state’s Medicaid program directly to learn about the cost of care.
  • Many hospital services are unfortunately not charged at a flat rate. In the end, the cost of your hospital service may depend on factors that vary from patient to patient, such as: the total billed charges incurred, the number of days spent in the hospital, or the number of distinct services performed during a single hospital stay.
  • Your total out of pocket cost depends on information provided by your insurer in your Summary of Benefits. Double check information such as your deductible, out of pocket max, copay, and coinsurance with your insurance provider before seeking care.

Our vision is to make shopping for healthcare as simple as buying a plane ticket. But in the meantime, we encourage all patients to learn more about the costs of healthcare using the resources below.

Treat our website as a research tool to learn about the cost of healthcare, quality of local providers, and the relative affordability of care options. We hope that our users will encourage hospitals in their community to quote clear, transparent rates that are compliant with federal regulation.

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